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Game Modes


This is a game of territory control. Your team must secure strategic locations on the battlefield and defend them from the enemy. Each location under your control earns your team 1 point per second, if the enemy holds no locations they get nothing.

King of the Hill

There is one strategic location in the centre of the battlefield that both teams are fighting to control. For every second your team controls the point you recieve one victory point.

Kings and Queens

Each team consists of one King, one Queen and four pawns. You must eliminate the opposing teams King to win. Kings are armed with a fully automatic weapon and Queens with a powerful semi automatic, however when killed cannot respawn. Pawns are armed only with pistols but are the only class who can respawn. Do you use your powerful units offencively to make an agressive push or keep them back on defence?


The attacking team must progress up the battlefield in 3 phases, each phase has two bombs in place and ready to set. Explode both bombs in the phase to unlock the next, once all bombs have been destroyed the attackers win. The defending team must defuse the bombs if armed and slow down the attackers until the phase time ends.

Search and Destroy

The attacking team must take the bomb to one of the designated locations, on entering the code the bomb will be armed and must be defended from the enemy team for a minute before it explodes. The defending team can win by eliminating the attackers or defusing the bomb.

Team Death Match

Our vanilla game mode, two teams fighting against each other earning points for damage done and losing points for damage taken/hurting team mates. We always start our sessions with this one so people can get to know their weapon.


This is the game mode for those who want to feel the power of crushing other players like Ants ;) Two players become Terminator's equiped with 250 health points and M60 machine gun's, they are against all other players (armed only with 10 health and a pistol each). Pistol players can respawn but when a Terminator is downed they do not come back.


This is a straight forward death match without respawns, however one person on each team is a 'Traitor' and together they form a secret third team. Only they know who they are and must use that to their advantage to remain undetected, and when the time is right betray their team mates.

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